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Country house in the neighborhood of La Sabina, villa de Mazo

Villa de Mazo
Publicado por Mima Properties en 31-07-20
Country house in the neighborhood of La Sabina, villa de Mazo

MIMA Properties offers a 97 m2 house located on land of more than 2000 m2 in the La Sabina neighborhood, Villa de Mazo municipality. The house is made up of a cheerful and well-kept living-dining room, a kitchen-dining room furnished with wooden furniture and black granite counter, four bedrooms, a room that is currently a living room and a complete bathroom.

Outside the house there is a pool room with toilet, a garage, a cellar out of use, a porch with gardens, an orchard and a large extension of green area with fruit trees such as avocados, apple, lemon and pear trees. . To get to the house you have to walk a path from the entrance of the property, with green areas on both sides, and then skirt to the left where the main door is. Additionally there is another entrance on the opposite side of the house that directly overlooks the road. One of the bedrooms benefits from having a door on one side with access to the interior of the house and another with access to the porch. The roof structure of the kitchen and part of the living room is made of wood and the floor is generally ceramic. The property is located in a very quiet area but at the same time a few meters from the general highway LP-2. From the porch you have a fantastic view of the sea and the surroundings.

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