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Two commercial premises or land house in the center of Puntallana

Publicado por Mima Properties en 07-07-20
Two commercial premises or land house in the center of Puntallana

MIMA Properties offers 2 commercial premises in Plaza San Juan, the center of Puntallana and next to the Town Hall and all services, such as banks, a supermarket, the bus stop, etc. Also very close to tourist places such as the Lujan house and the parish of San Juan Bautista.
The property has a total built area of 129 m2 on a graphic surface of 157 m2 and is divided into two large commercial establishments. Both have two entrances, one through Plaza San Juan and the other through Avenida Atabara (General highway). Due to its location it is ideal for commerce, however due to the structure itself (urban land in a residential area) with some reforms it could be used for housing.
According to the General Plan of Ordination of Puntallana published on 01/25/19 this property is located in a sector classified as residential, being able to build homes of up to 2 or 3 floors. The premises have large doors and windows (currently sealed) that provide light to the interior. One is a spacious living room from street to street and the other has two rooms, both with access to the outside.

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