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Villa with pool surrounded by green areas in Villa de Mazo

Villa de Mazo
Publicado por Mima Properties en 30-06-20
Villa with pool surrounded by green areas in Villa de Mazo

MIMA Properties offers villa with 2700 m2 of land with pool, surrounded by green areas, fantastic views of the surroundings and the sea in the municipality of Villa de Mazo. The house of 129 m2 approximately is original and very cozy, thanks to its uneven construction and its oval shape in the center with a balcony at the top, from where you have a formidable view of the landscape. Another environment that makes it special is the fully glazed terrace overlooking the pool and the green areas that surround the house, where you can share pleasant moments with family and friends. The terrace has a fireplace for winter days and a traditional oven; It needs a little reform. The property is entered through a paved road with gardens on both sides, with the house in front and the glazed terrace on the right side. The house itself is made up of a furnished kitchen (very good distribution of cabinets and shelves), spacious enough to become a kitchen-office, then we have a living room, 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms (1 in the bedroom main and the other in common use, which is very spacious and where a jacuzzi could easily be adapted) Additionally, the house is made up of a 26.52 m2 garage separate from the house, a swimming pool, a pond, a warehouse, large green areas that can be used for gardens and / or cultivation and finally a terrace over the house which, due to its Uneven construction gives you direct access to the garden. The house is isolated and enjoys a lot of privacy, but at the same time it is easily accessible, being only a few meters from the road and a few minutes from El Pueblo. It has all the essential services including telephone connection and satellite television.

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