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House sitting

La Palma
Publicado por Christina Balogh en 14-12-20
House sitting

Hello. I'm a 31 year old Danish girl living in La palma with my Palmero boyfriend. 

Because of the Covid it is now a lot more complicated to travel and I can imagine that a lot of houses now are left on their own. 

Therefor I offer you, to look after your house. Atm. I'm offering an live-in position (but this is of course only possible in 1 house). But the offer is not only for live in. I also offer my services even if its not with live-in included. 

Do you need a hand or an ekstra eye on your house in La palma? 

Do you need cleaning, gardening, dogwalking, fruit picking or anything else? If that's the case, you are more than welcome to contact me and we can have a talk.

I'm originally qualified physiotherapist from Denmark, but my papers aren't translated into Spanish and for that reason I can't use my profession here. 
I have former experiences as turist guide with horses, stablehand, animation in hotels, volunteering in hostels, waitress and been working in different countries and in very different jobs. 

I'm responsible and not afraid to do hard work. I take very good care of the things and I like to leave the places better than when I came. 

You can call me anytime on my phone: 0034 643089022

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